Kilworths | Explained: Asteron Life’s Cancer Cover
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Explained: Asteron Life’s Cancer Cover

Explained: Asteron Life’s Cancer Cover

Asteron Life’s cancer-specific cover can support you and your family when you require treatment and recovery from cancer.


Why cancer cover?

  • Cancer is a major health issue for around 1 in 3 New Zealanders.
  • Cancer accounts for around two-thirds of all Trauma insurance claims.
  • Cancer Cover’s industry-leading definitions are aligned with the latest medical technology and clinical procedures.


What do most people use Cancer Cover for?

  • Taking time off work to rest and recover. Many people recovering from cancer want to work reduced hours even if they’re still physically able to work.
  • Paying for your spouse or another family member to take time off work. Many people need extra help and support around the house to recover.
  • Paying for alternative treatments that aren’t covered by the public system or health insurance (i.e. non-PHARMAC drugs). For example, many people undergoing radiotherapy choose to do alternative treatments at the same time to help them recover from the effects of the radiotherapy.
  • Reducing debt. Taking care of credit card and mortgage debt can free up finances to focus on treatment and recovery.
  • Paying for additional costs such as childcare and travel to medical appointments. These are common costs associated with the treatment of cancer.


Built-In Benefits

  • Full payment for specified cancers or partial benefit payment in the event of any early stage cancer.
  • All early stage cancers are covered; on diagnosis, you are eligible for a partial benefit that is the greater of $10,000 or 20% of the Cancer Cover sum insured – i.e. no cap on the partial benefit.
  • Financial Planning benefit of up to $2,500 for professional advice on how to use your money effectively.
  • Grief support benefit – up to $900 for you or a loved one to receive counselling from a professional counsellor.
  • Special Events Increase Benefit – Increase your cover when a special event occurs in your life – such as taking out a mortgage or getting a pay rise. You can do this at a later date, without any medical underwriting. This is a major benefit if your health changes over time.
  • Inflation adjustment benefit – Increase your cover with the rate of inflation, or leave it constant.


Optional Additional Benefits

  • We Pay Your Premiums benefit – Cancer Cover premiums paid for if you’re unable to work in your usual job for more than 10 hours a week.
  • Needlestick benefit – If you work in the medical industry, this benefit will cover you against the financial impact of contracting Hep B or C or HIV.
  • Free Kids Cover – Trauma insurance for your child or grandchild of $50,000 for free.


Is Cancer Cover right for you?

Get in touch – we can have a chat and see if Cancer Cover suits your needs.