Kilworths | Trauma Cover
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Trauma Cover

Protect yourself and your family with cover for a major illness or injury.

At the time of a very traumatic event, you don’t need the burden of financial hardship on top of your recovery.


With Trauma Cover you will receive a lump sum payment to enable you to:

  • repay your mortgage or reduce it to a manageable level
  • assist with medical costs associated with your recovery
  • seek alternative treatment
  • pay for drugs that are not Government funded
  • give yourself time to recover without financial stress


The right cover gives you the financial freedom to make your own choices.


Children’s Trauma

This provides future insurability options for your child and cover if they suffer a major illness or injury, so you can be rest-assured they will get the best care possible and meet immediate expenses.


If you’d like help and advice then contact us today.