Kilworths | Business Risk Insurance
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Business Risk Insurance

We all know how important it is to insure our buildings, machinery and equipment in case of an accident, but what about the most important things in your business, your people?

Owning your own business, whether you’re a contractor just starting out or an established corporate company, can be rewarding and exciting. Being in business, we understand and appreciate first-hand the risks and responsibilities associated with becoming and staying successful.

Life-changing events often arrive with very little warning, and having the correct insurance plans in place will be crucial to you being able to maintain both your income and your business.

Depending on the cover you choose, business insurance can provide support through a difficult time by:

  • Paying a lump sum to cover business debts
  • Ensuring other shareholders can retain the business should one need to exit
  • Paying a monthly benefit to pay for fill-in staff.

Just as your life is unique, your protection can be purpose built to address the areas of risk that most affect your business.

Shareholder Protection

Debt Protection

Key Person Protection

Group Benefits