Kilworths | Personal Risk Insurance
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Personal Risk Insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones against the unexpected.

So what are your financial goals? Retirement savings, education, health, paying off your mortgage, a beach house?

Think about it for a moment – if your health failed (or you were to die), how would that affect your financial future, or that of your family, should they be left without you? Suddenly all of your dreams and plans for the future would need to be seriously revised or may no longer be possible.

The good news is that with the right life insurance you can still protect what you value most – lifestyle, family, health, even the home you live in no matter what.

Depending on the cover you choose, personal insurance can provide support through a difficult time by:

  • paying out a lump sum to be used as you wish
  • paying out a monthly benefit
  • providing you access to private healthcare services
  • helping you get back to work
  • reimbursement of medical expenses.

Just as your life is unique, your protection can be purpose built to address the areas of risk that most affect you.